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No one knows how to care for you INFINITI better than the experts at Newmarket Infiniti. Certified Service Consultants and technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to parts, including tires, we understand that the right components provide the superb performance and handling for the highest quality standards. Trust us to have the right tires when you need them.

Tires are the most important component of your vehicle. In summer, they make a huge difference in terms of fuel economy and performance while in winter, they keep you safe when the road is slippery. Newmarket Infiniti offers competitive pricing and carries original equipment tires for your Infiniti.

Tires from the following manufacturers can be purchased at Newmarket Infiniti:

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Tire Installation

You can make an appointment to have your tires installed by selecting the tires of your choice and submitting the form at the bottom of the page.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to enhance braking and handling performance on snowy and icy roads. Selection of proper tire and driving skill on snowy and icy road ensures driver’s safety.

Importance of Winter Tires

Winter tires are made with a different rubber compound that has better grip in cold weather and an optimized tread width. This difference provides extra grip, preventing the car from slipping on snowy or icy roads. Even cars equipped with four-wheel drive need winter tires. For increased safety, be sure to change all four tires to winter tires.